Briefly, here are my largest concerns


-Culverts, ditches, and drainage

-Preserving rural life, small businesses, safe streets

-Emergency services

-Senior living

-Smart environmentalism

-Homelessness/poverty/harm reduction/addiction/mental health, social housing


As you are likely aware, the conditions of many of the roads throughout Ottawa and especially in Osgoode Ward, or the roads we must travel to reach the city, are in terrible condition. A new resident to Ottawa said to me that he thought the roads would be much better considering we are the nations capital. I would like to see more of this work done and push to have the expansion of Bank Street near Findlay Creek moved forwards. 

The culverts, ditches, and drainage also need much work without constantly increasing fees.

We need to preserve our rural and smalltown way of life. Most people live in Osgoode Ward to be close to the city but to be away from the hustle and bustle. We want safe neighbourhoods, safe schools, and safe parks with adequate recreational activities and events, police patrols, emergency services, and response times. We need to support our neighbours and keep small businesses alive. Our small towns are becoming bedroom communities where we were once thriving and self-sustaining. We are failing here as many prefer to save a few cents at big box stores. The community spirit is worth more to a persons healthy well-being than the amount of money saved.

We need to feel safe. We need to know our emergency responders are properly trained and can reach us within an appropriate amount of time if needed. We need to stress that people receive police patrols in areas of need so people need to report all issues. We need to get more paramedics into more ambulances and on the road as opposed to sitting in emergency rooms waiting for a patient to be released.

Our seniors are who have gotten us to where we are today. They worked hard to earn a living, pay taxes, and create our towns and city. We now need to care for them. Many chose to stay in their own homes as long as possible. If this is their choosing, we should have more services affordable and available to them to assist. When the time comes that they are no longer able to stay at home, retirement and nursing homes should not only be affordable but with each person and their care being the most important consideration as opposed to the cost. The option of co-housing is something that should be examined by the City as well.

Our physical environment is also a concern. We need to improve our recycling and reduce our amounts of trash as well as increase greening and areas for non-vehicular traffic. Farmers also need some leeway to continue the practices they have learned and are improving on.

A city is only as strong as its least fortunate citizens. We need to work at decreasing poverty, increasing social housing, increasing inclusionary zoning, and decreasing homelessness by more strongly adopting a housing first approach, and working with mental health and addiction agencies to ensure people can readily access services to improve their lives. While prevention for all these issues is best, we cannot forget the people who are currently struggling with addiction, health and homelessness. It affects all areas of our city and we must work together to turn things around. The costs for not helping care for people in need is much higher than the costs of care, compassion, empathy, health, and self worth that can all be achieved by housing people.