About Kim



Name the hardest thing you've ever had to do. I can now say it's writing an autobiography. My Facts and Awards pages are full of dates and facts that say what I've done but they don't say who I am. And that is the question-who is this Kim Sheldrick person. In short, I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, neighbour and friend with a long history in Osgoode Township/Ward and enjoys being actively involved in our community and beyond.



I was born nearby at WDMH but grew up in Metcalfe. I grew up living with my parents and brother until I moved out after high school to continue my education. I moved to London, Ontario for University but then came back to Vernon 21 years ago where I still live with my boys. My parents, poised to celebrate 54 years of marriage this year, still live in my childhood home. My dad, Theodore aka Ted, is a hardworking, self-employed mechanic and my mom, Lorena, is a housewife and bookkeeper for the family business-50 year old A&T Service in Vernon. They have always been there supporting both my brother Jeff and I in every step of everything we have done. I consider them "good stock" from which I learned the principles of family, dedication, and hard work.

I started my volunteer career early when I joined Girl Guides of Canada. Even at a young age, I wanted to achieve as much as I could and received top badges and awards through both Guiding and School. I continued volunteering through high school but when I attended University, my focus changed to both my studies and my paid employment with little time left for volunteering. My volunteering resumed when I returned to Osgoode Township and after I left my paid employment outside the home to become a "stay at home mom". When I looked out my dining room window, I wondered why we had so few flowers in town. Why didn't someone do something about it? Why couldn't I do something about it? And I joined the newly formed Friends for a Greener Vernon. My interests in my community grew from there and I found myself joining more groups and organizations and linking them together. Many of the items I had focused on had been kid based as my boys were young. Even as I worked at my home daycare, I was able to volunteer in the community and include my sons.

As my kids have grown, so have my interests and areas of concern. I still put my kids first and I aim to improve this corner of the world not only for them but for all who reside and work here. I continue to work with School Councils, Community Associations, and my Church but I have also dedicated many hours to Service Organizations, Advisory Committees within the Ward, focus, consultation and working groups within the City, fundraising for charities, and generally helping out, researching, or advising where it is needed.

I will not claim to "know it all" but due to my varied and extensive volunteer experiences, I do have a strong base upon which I will continually build. I will work hard for you and I will be sure to be accessible to hear your comments and concerns.

My latest change is that I am now a part time student at Algonquin College. I am studying Social Service Work to be able to work with those experiencing homelessness and addiction. We are all humans and should be treated as such.